Climate Smart through coaching programmes

Managing your climate risks with supports from Climate Smart coaching programme

How can coaching programmes make businesses climate smart?

To combat climate change, businesses can take part in coaching programmes on climate smart which provide access to technologies, services, and markets for participating companies.

With the help of coaching programmes, businesses can better manage climate risks and capitalize on new business opportunities. By providing access to expert advisers, coaching programmes can help businesses make the commitment to take action on climate change and make a difference.

Coached business data on ITC Climate Smart Network

For the launch of the platform at COP27, the Climate Smart Network is proud to bring visibility to companies which have completed the ITC Resource Efficiency and Circular Production coaching programme.

The customized coaching program is based on the analyses of buyer requirements and performance of local SMEs in each target country and sector in terms of climate smart and circular production processes.

The Climate Smart Network hope to bring visibility to coached companies for their climate change efforts, which could lead to potential business or financing opportunities. With this effort, we aim to empower small businesses in making the difference when it comes to climate change.

Building bridges between initiatives and empowering climate smart businesses

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