Climate Smart through certification

Embark on your low carbon transition journey by complying with climate smart standards

Certified businesses on ITC Climate Smart Network

Over 1 million businesses have already embarked on their low carbon transition journey by  complying with independent and verified standards with climate criteria.

However, a lack of consolidated information hampers their ability to capitalize on new opportunities arising from transitioning into a low-carbon economy.

The Climate Smart Network looks to change this by creating a hub for verified companies proving their commitment through transparent reporting of greenhouse gas emissions reductions and sustainability initiatives.


With the global marketplace becoming increasingly interested in sustainable products and services, this initiative will give members of the Climate Smart Network an edge.


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How can certification make businesses climate smart?

To combat climate chance, businesses can become certified or verified under an independent standard with climate criteria or carbon credits. This enables small businesses to:

  • Set decarbonization targets
  • Measure emissions
  • Manage emissions
  • Set carbon reduction strategies
  • Get independent verifications for carbon reductions
  • Offset emissions that could not be reduced

In additional standards can inform companies on sustainable management practices:

    • Avoid deforestation
    • Ensure additionality
    • Support developing countries access and benefits

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